Do you have in-depth knowledge about golf? Have you written for any sports magazine before? Then you can take this opportunity to join our team as a guest writer. We are looking for talented writers to join our team.


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You will be able to become an experienced writer in this niche if you write for us. We have a dedicated team of writers who have been writing for years and you will learn a lot from them.

You can get the chance to start earning an extra income and improve your profile as a writer in the sports niche.


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To write for us, you need to follow some strict guidelines. We don’t accept any copied articles. So, you need to ensure that your article is original and without any plagiarism issues. You should write no more than 800 words and include any relevant images.

Your article must be well researched to include information that is new to our readers. Please go through our archive to look at the articles that were already published. We don’t want our readers to get bored reading the same type of article.

You should have an attractive heading for your article so that our readers are enticed to read the entire article. You should write in small paragraphs and simple sentences so that our readers understand them.

Once you have written the article, you must submit it by email. Please attach any image along with the article. Make sure that the image doesn’t have any copyright issues. If you have any further questions regarding this guest position, then please contact us. We hope to hear from you soon.